Chortkeh eForms Technology

What are eForms?

Electronic forms or eforms in short, are computer-based forms that are replaced with traditional paper forms in modern countries because traditional paper forms and the people-hours associated with them cost companies hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. They are made standard in many governmental, financial, judicial, legal, insurance and private organizations and offices. You can design, fill, save, print, email and track these forms in desktop and Web applications and easily move them through Web.

Sample electronic form

eForms Design, Conversion and Cleanup Process

We have the most professional team for electronic forms design, convert and cleanup. There are nearly no reported mistakes in the process. They have years of experience and now are professionals. Their job consist of designing new electronic forms, making eForms from traditional paper forms, making new version eforms from old designed forms in other applications and sometimes cleaning up faulty eforms that are created by the other companies and organizations. The other job is checking, cleaning up and doing refinement to generated forms by the conversion utilities.

Sample traditional paper form and its corresponding eForm generated by our eForms team

Conversion Utility Programs

We have developed special conversion utilities and applications using ultimate technology.