Chortkeh HTML Converter

Chortkeh HTML Converter export tool automates conversion of electronic forms to HTML file format.

eForms Converter to HTML

The converter consists of two main parts: conversion engine (implemented as a DLL) and a user interface (shell).

The converter reads the selected file and finds out its objects while reading, and by-the-time creates corresponding objects in the HTML file. You can generate HTML files viewable by Microsoft® Internet Explorer and/or Netscape Navigator.

The user interface of the converter has a tab sheet for opening, adding, removing and converting files. Another tab sheet is designed for its settings, and in addition one for displaying the conversion statistics.

The converter is completely tested and is certified as a heavy duty application. So we can truly say that the program can convert hundreds of very large-size files without resource leak or crash.

Highlighted Features

  • Microsoft® Internet Explorer and/or Netscape Navigator browsers support
  • Absolute object position support with CSS technology
  • Mask, currency and fixed fields support
  • Calculation parser Java script
  • Error and warning report
  • Settings-dependent optional log file generation on different states
  • Standard silent runtime process (i.e., no message boxes) and error/warning code return
  • Conversion time statistics on files and pages
  • Internal progress bar
  • Status report during conversion
  • Add/remove files list
  • Visual scrollable status after finishing conversion
  • Auto-save settings

The code of the converter is optimized to work better on Intel® Pentium® processors. In addition the source code of the converter is refined and optimized times and times by Chortkeh developers. You can feel its fast and stable process.

Statistics tab sheet sample of the converter after finishing the conversion of two sample files

Development Environment